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The Bernard E. Harkness Seedlist Handbook

Genus [species] (starts with)
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This handbook consists of a comprehensive listing of varieties of seed that have been offered by three seed exchanges (Alpine Garden Society, Scottish Rock Garden Club, and North American Rock Garden Society). Brief details of type, size, color, and origin are also included.

To access any plant listed, type genus name and click Get Genus; then scroll through the listing. For larger genera, reduce the response time by specifying a starting point in the species list; in this case retrieval is limited to 30 species. For example, campanula sarmatica produces the 30 Campanula species starting at sarmatica.

Alternatives are partial genus or family names which produce candidates.

Happy hunting!

After exploring, write to the Harkness Committee with your comments and suggestions for development.

The North American Rock Garden Society is grateful to Mabel G. Harkness and Timber Press for permission to use the second edition of the Seedlist Handbook.